Zita Gonzalez

Zita GonzalezZita Gonzalez began her dancing career at very young age in Buenos Aires, Argentina when se was selected from other 1000 girls to integrate the Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colon and later, the Escuela Nacional de Danzas. Soon, she dedicated to her passion, the tango and she became a well-experienced performer and choreographer on the international scene, she has tour the world visiting 250 cities in 25 countries in Europe, Asia and America. Among the countries she visited are: Italy, Israel, Japan, Venezuela, Holland, , Mexico and many cities in the United States. She was part of 25 successful tango productions since 1984. She has been seen performing and choreographing in productions such as: “A Todo Tango”, “Ok. Mr. Tango”, “Tangos y Añoranzas”, “Viva Tango”, “El Tango 2” and also in the Broadway hit ”Forever Tango”. She share the stage with tango stars like Mariano Mores, Libertad Lamarque, Estela Raval, Los Reyes del Compas, Enrique Dumas Alberto Podesta among others. Between tours she performed in many tethers of the famous calle Corrientes in Buenos Aires and also in the international known Tango Houses like El Viejo Almacen, Senor Tango, Michelangello, etc. She has performed in Television in Argentina, Mexico, Italy, and Chile and also for the film and video industries in Japan, Baja California, Columbia Picture and Disney. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles.