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Maestro Sergei Tumas the Executive Producer and Artistic Director presents Tango The Musical, a Broadway style live production in two acts. The show premieres on March 11th 2021 on a global streaming platform nocapshows.com, as a tribute to the centennial birth of the legendary argentine composer Astor Piazzolla. The “new tango” by Piazzolla is a cultural blend of Classical, Jazz, Rock and Folk music and dance.

Tango The Musical, direct from Argentina, features world-renowned tango champion couples choreographed by superior Ivan Leonardo Romero and Silvana Nuñez and propelled by a latin grammy winning orchestra under the direction of pianist maestro Cristian Zárate.

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Teatro Coliseo
Marcelo T. de Alvear 1125, Capital Federal Centro, Tel: 4814-3056

October 29-30


October 28-30, 2022

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