Platinum Sponsor: $50,000

  1. Name and logo recognition at the Tango Nuevo Cabaret show and broadcast on TV to over a million views
  2. Products and/or banners displayed at the pre-show, intermission, and after show
  3. Name or logo displayed on all promotional materials and website as a Platinum sponsor. This includes: Logo on Tango Nuevo Cabaret poster, logo in the show’s program as Platinum sponsor, logo on mass mailings, link and banner on the Tango Nuevo Cabaret’s website as well as all venue promotional materials such as official websites, postcards and internet marketing, press and clear channel billboards
  4. Named as platinum sponsor on all multi-cultural television programming, news/press releases, internet marketing and publicity which is set to target over a million viewers including the venue billboards and ad spaces in the city of Calgary
  5. Eight premium tickets for the Tango Nuevo Cabaret show
  6. Platinum advertisement space on all promotional materials and inside the back page of the show’s program and on location on the day of the show at the venue booth
  7. Entry into the VIP cast pre-show and wrap party following the evening of the performance
  8. Product placement at the venue

    Looking forward to working with you!

    Sergei Tumas,
    Executive Producer
    Sergei Tumas Productions, Inc.
    1 -310 463 1636 US -direct contact

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