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QUILOMBO! – Vol 1. and Vol 2.
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Legendary composer, master performer Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) revived the sounds of the spiritual bandoneon in a modern context with mesmerizing depth and boundless imagination rooted in the Argentine culture.

Maestro Sergei Tumas created a splendid Piazzolla experience with this extraordinary double album which is a tribute to Astor Piazzolla, presenting world renowned musicians and dancers from the famous Tango Nuevo Cabaret stage show.

“The album features a collaboration of the best Argentine Tango musicians of our generation breaking the sound barrier” – Sergei Tumas.

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01 Libertango (feat. Horacio Romo) 3:19
02 Lo Que Vendrá (feat. Néstor Marconi) 3:37
03 Milonga Loca (feat. Horacio Romo) 3:21
04 Mumuki (feat. Abel Rogantini) 2:09
05 Revirado (feat. Lautaro Greco) 3:19
06 Fugata (feat. Horacio Romo) 3:19
07 Invierno Porteño (feat. Walter Ríos) 4:22
08 Prepárense (feat. Horacio Romo) 3:28
09 Triunfal (feat. Daniel Binelli) 2:56
10 Escualo (feat. Horacio Romo) 3:16
11 Tanguedia III (feat. Lautaro Greco) 4:39
12 Ausencias (feat. Walter Ríos) 3:59
13 Zum (feat. Horacio Romo) 3:20
14 Tristeza De Un Doble “a” (feat. Lautaro Greco) 7:28
15 Violentango (feat. Horacio Romo) 3:34
16 S’il Vous Plaît (feat. Daniel Binelli) 2:48
17 Verano Porteño (feat. Horacio Romo) 6:04
18 Soledad (feat. Horacio Romo) 7:14
19 Meditango (feat. Lautaro Greco) 6:23

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01 Michelangelo 70 (feat. Horacio Romo) 3:00
02 Buenos Aires Hora Cero (feat. Horacio Romo) 5:15
03 Regreso Al Amor (feat. Walter Ríos) 5:55
04 Fracanapa (feat. Horacio Romo) 3:20
05 Oblivion (feat. Walter Ríos) 4:13
06 Decarísimo (feat. Horacio Romo) 2:37
07 Mumuki (feat. Abel Rogantini) 4:48
08 Calambre (feat. Horacio Romo) 2:33
09 Tango Apasionado (feat. Horacio Romo) 3:55
10 Milonga Del Ángel (feat. Walter Ríos) 5:54
11 Bailongo (feat. Horacio Romo) 1:52
12 Otoño Porteño (feat. Walter Ríos, Néstor Marconi) 5:16
13 Libertango (feat. Walter Ríos, Daniel Binelli, Néstor Marconi) 5:00
14 Triunfal (feat. Daniel Binelli) 4:33
15 Escolaso (feat. Horacio Romo) 4:42
16 Duo De Amor (feat. Walter Ríos) 3:57
17 La Evasión (feat. Walter Ríos) 3:47
18 Adiós Nonino (feat. Walter Ríos) 7:36

Executive Producer & Artistic Director: Sergei Tumas • Co-Producer: Dr. Neville Headley • Production Supervisor: Armando Orzuza • Production Coordinators: Renata Zimbarg, Cora Hagemann • Musical Director: Cristian Zárate • Arrangements: Cristian Zárate, Walter Ríos, Daniel Binelli, Néstor Marconi • Bandoneónists: Daniel Binelli, Walter Ríos, Néstor Marconi, • Horacio Romo, Lautaro Greco • Piano: Cristian Zárate • Keyboard: Abel Rogantini • Violin: Pablo Agri, Leonardo Ferreyra, Bruno Cavallaro • Cello: Karmen Rencar • Contrabass: Juan Pablo Navarro, Roberto Tormo • Guitar: Esteban Falabella, César Angeleri, Raúl Luzzi • Drums: Luis Ceravolo, José Luís Colzani • Sound Engineers: Javier Mazzarol, Mariano Beyoglonian • Mixed and Mastered: Sergei Tumas, Cristian Zárate, Osvaldo Acedo • Album recorded, mixed and mastered: Estudios Ion – Buenos Aires, Argentina. • Paramount Recording Studios – Los Angeles, USA. • © 2016 Sergei Tumas Productions Inc. All rights reserved. Made in Canada • Unauthorized copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring or rental of this recording is prohibited.

Tango Nuevo Cabaret

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Tango Nuevo Cabaret – A Tribute to Astor Piazzolla by Sergei Tumas presents some of the most recognizable works of Astor Piazzolla, decade by decade, starting from his Tango Nuevo genre originated in 1954, strongly influenced by American jazz and world music. The album expands Piazzolla’s music in pursuing his vision to blend Tango, American Jazz and classical music. It features an eclectic selection of Piazzolla’s masterpieces from his classical movement to modern jazz interpretations. The sixteen piece tango jazz orchestra brings a unique arrangement of renowned compositions, ranging from “Primavera Porteña” (spring movement) one of his Four Seasons, to “Duo De Amor” (a soundtrack used in the movie “El Exilio de Gardel”), to the New Orleans jazz style of “Adiós Nonino” (a requiem of father’s farewell arranged in a festive celebration), to a modern version of “Libertango” (involving a new horn section) as well as “Fuga 9” (a classical composition influenced from progressions of Bach to Debussy and Ravel). Unlike Piazzolla’s original compositions, primarily bandoneon driven with instrumental parts being played in the background as a shadow effect, these new arrangements bring us close to hear all instrumental parts in a unilateral balanced position, giving a more vivid illustration of the music as well as creating a more suitable music for dramatic dance and choreography.

01    Prologue Tango Apasionado     2:57
02 Buenos Aires Zero Hour     5:55
03 Bailongo     1:55
04 Los Sueños     2:16
05 Fracanapa     3:39
06 Escualo     3:35
07 Preludio Para El Año 3001 (feat. Stella Milano)     3:30
08 Oblivion     4:30
09 Meditango     4:55
10 Libertango     5:30
11 Leonora’s Love Theme     3:44
12 Adiós Nonino     6:20
13    Duo De Amor     4:15
14 Tanguedia III     4:43
15 Knife Fight     2:15
16 Jacinto Chiclana (feat. Martin De Leon)     3:30
17 Primavera Porteña     5:45
18 Fuga 9     2:35
19 La Evasión     3:06
20 Chiquilín De Bachín (feat. Martin De Leon)     4:20
21 Violentango     3:57
22 Zum     3:17
23 Preludio Para El Año 3001     1:54

Preserving and elevating Piazzolla’s musical vision even further drove this creative project. Tango Nuevo Cabaret album offers a new interpretation of Piazzolla’s music from a generation of today’s splendid musicians such as a virtuoso bandoneon player Peter Soave and renowned Jorge “Coco” Trivisonno as well as renowned Argentine tango singer Martin De Leon. Tango arrangements were created by legendary Argentine tango composer Walter Rios (who had worked with Piazzolla) along with jazzy arrangements created by the talented American Jazz musician Miles Mosley, elevating the traditional sound of jazz music and blending it with tango in a fresh fusion.